Welcome to a quick Introduction to VPC Express.
Click on arrows to continue (then you can click on back arrows to return to previous page).
Enter your username and password and click on the “Log In” button to enter the application.
If you have access to more than one zone, select a zone to continue.
If you have access to more than one proposal, select a proposal to continue.
Click on the Zone/Proposal button on the top right to change to a different proposal or zone.
Click on the Back button to go back to the previously displayed screen.
The main menu is displayed on the left by default.
Click on the Hide Menu button to hide the menu.
With the menu hidden, click on the Menu icon to display a floating menu.
While the menu is floating select the pin icon to fix the menu on the left again.
Select a function from the main menu to display a sub menu and access its sub-functions.
The majority of your tasks will involve the document tree.
There are a few things which make navigating the tree easy.
Click on an arrow to the right of a folder to change the view to the contents of that folder.
Click on the Up arrow to go up a level in the tree or click on the folder selector to display the parent folders on up the tree.
Select one of the folders to make it the new current level.
Click on the Options icon in most screens to reveal context-sensitive options.
Select the Tools icon in the upper right corner and you are given the option to show interactive help or go to My Profile.
Selecting Show Help from the Tools menu will display context-sensitive help icons.
Select one of the context-sensitive help icons to display a short help text with a link to more information about the selected function in the full VPC Express Help.
Expand the sections under the Contents tab until you find the help topic you are looking for.
You can also access the Help by clicking on About VPC in the main menu and then Help.
You can also find help topics by keyword under the Index tab or by searching for any words or phrase under the Search tab.
A Sitemap is provided to help you navigate the site and find the function you need.
From the list of user functions, select an arrow to the right of a function to be taken directly to the screen for that function.
From the Tools menu or the Team Members screen select My Profile to be taken to your user profile with the option of configuring your user interface and updating your information.
Depending on your site’s configuration, you may be able to update your user information or change your password.
Use the interactive help or go to the full help to learn what each of the configuration settings on the right side do.
The themes effect the display of the icons at the top of the individual panels.
If you are unsure of the meaning of some of the icons, you can select the With Text theme causing all of the icons to also include text.
Try out all of the themes to find your preference.
You can also select from three Resolutions to adjust the icons’ size to best match the platform you are working on.
The value will be saved individually for each platform you use.